Most frequent questions and answers

No, we do not. All products we produce must be free of the Top 14 allergens.

Unfortunately, the FDA considers coconut a tree nut so no, we cannot work with coconut or coconut derivatives.

Yes, we are a dry production facility only so we cannot work with any liquids.

While we prefer to work with brands that have at least some traction in the marketplace, we will occasionally entertain smaller projects if we feel they are the right fit for us.

Our MOQ’s can vary based on the product (i.e. spices vs. baking mixes) as well as number of sku’s we are producing for you in total. As a general rule, our MOQ on baking mixes, for example, is 2,000 lbs. per sku per run and/or 25,000 units per year. But again, there are many factors that affect the MOQ which we discuss as part of the process.

Whether our arrangement with you is turnkey (we buy all materials) or tolling only (you buy all materials and pay us a tolling fee to simply produce your product) depends on several things but mostly your volumes. If you have a significant and proven sales history, we may offer a turnkey arrangement. If you are a newer, smaller company, it’s more likely we will offer you a tolling only arrangement.

There are many moving pieces involved in onboarding a new customer and that process can take anywhere between 30 and 60 days.

It depends. Some certifications are specific to the product, some to the facility and some involve both. In some instances, you can apply for certification yourself (or transfer an existing certification) with some coordination on our part. Or, we can obtain these certifications on your behalf.

Yes, we offer both 25 lb. and 50 lb. packaging options.

Generally, the pricing we offer is FOB our dock, which simply means the customer is responsible for all freight and freight related charges; however, we actively work with transportation companies to ensure your product arrives safely at its final destination.

Let us help you get your private label brands into grocery stores and retailers everywhere.

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Taylor Gleason Enterprises has been manufacturing allergen free products for over 12 years. Our dry blending facility turns out the safest and cleanest products on the market!